Motion orienteering organized by Keravan Urheilijat on Thursday, May 16th

Next Thursday (May 16th) is the World Orienteering Day and Keravan Urheilijat will arrange so called Keski-Uusimaa-rastit close to the border of Kerava and Sipoo. The navigation address is Keravantie 570.

There are courses for everybody between 1.6 and 7 kilometers.  The shortest course is so easy, that everybody, who can read the map, can find the control points, which are close to the tracks.

Non-professional orienteers can select also the easy 3 km course. Control points are close to clear map details. The scale of these maps is 1:7500, i.e. 1 cm on the map is equal to 75 m in the terrain.

The more demanding 3 km alternative and the courses of 5 km and 7 km are more difficult and earlier orienteering experience is recommended. The map scale of longer routes is 1:10000.

There can be some wet places is the terrain so, please, select the most suitable shoes. The compass and plastic map cover are also recommended.

The participation costs 7 € (3 € for persons less than 19 years). There is an electronic punching system on control points. You can borrow the required Emit-cards from the organizer by 2 €. But if you do not want time stamping, you can participate without Emit (you will get a plastic ticket, which you return in the finish).

The guiding to the center starts 2.3 km (from road 140) along Keravantie towards Sipoo (see the aerial map). Please, follow the instructions of the parking guides. Because the parking area is quite small, we ask to use few cars.

You can start between 16:30-19:00 and you have to be back before 20:30. Please, register your Emit-card before the start and also when you come back from the forest. In case of troubles you can call +358 40 5003907 (Reino Ruotsalainen).

Let’s have a fun World Orienteering Day!


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KLIKKAA tästä rastiohjelma 2019
kokonaisuudessaan (pdf)

Keski-Uusimaa-rastit on sanomalehti Keski-Uusimaan ja neljän sen levikkialueella toimivan urheiluseuran järjestämä kuntosuunnistussarja.

Näiltä sivuilta löydät ohjeet kevään, kesän ja alkusyksyn rastipaikoille.


Rastien tulokset 2019


Järjestävät seurat ovat:

Järvenpään Palo

Keravan Urheilijat

Sibbo Vargarna

Tuusulan Voima-Veikot



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